EMS Training

Are you looking for a total body workout without hitting the gym? EMS Therapy which stands for electrical muscle stimulation does just this. It works by significantly increasing the body’s natural muscle contractions by utilizing safe, low and mid-frequency electric currents. By activating and contracting the muscles, you get an intensified result compared to traditional training, as it puts more of your muscles to work while applying less stress on the joints.

The training can be adapted for you, with the intensity controlled by regulating the electric current and the exercises performed. Our experts will help you with your body goals and targeted areas to create a personalized plan. Taking just 20-minutes per session, two times a week, is ideal for busy professionals who are tight on time. Studies of EMS Training have shown that it is almost 20 times more intense than conventional strength training methods, achieving the equivalent results of a 3-hour workout!

EMS Training can help you tone up, firm up, reduce cellulite, improve skin tone, reshape your body, and build muscle. It also has proven results in fat burning and loss, helping you achieve your weight goals. It has also been developed to be as effective as strength training, enhancing sports performance. Activating deep muscle tissues can target and train challenging muscle groups, reducing symptoms like back pain and postural imbalances of the back, tummy, and pelvic floor. In turn, this improves your posture and flexibility. Book a training session at fisio today with this smart and modern workout tool.

The Session

Our experts will create a personalized workout plan to target your goals. Wearing gym clothes, you will put on the training suit connected to the EMS machine. We will take you through various exercises that may include strengthening, toning, and metabolic cardio-based movements. The session may also include the use of light weights. You will feel faint pulses during the session, but you should still be comfortable.

Price: AED 350 / 30 min

EMS Training Benefits

  • Effective Training
  • Burns More Calories in Less Time
  • Better Muscle Activation
  • Less Pressure on the Joints
  • Endurance, Strength & Performance Booster