June 16, 2023

Why Muscle Recovery Is Key | Expert Advice From a Physiotherapist in Dubai

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Exercise is vital to our overall health, but it is crucial that we exercise safely and effectively. Anas, our expert physiotherapist at fisio, emphasizes that feeling pain during or after a workout is not normal. Regular muscle recovery is essential for both athletes and those who are trying to get in shape. After working out, our muscles are put under stress, which may create micro-traumas that can recover on their own. The recovery time, however, will vary depending on several factors, such as diet and sleep quality. If you want to learn more about muscle recovery, check out our muscle recovery on our website.

If you have just started working out, it is worth adding planned recovery sessions to your routine to reduce the risk of injury and decrease pain. Plan your recovery day, but remember that this does not mean taking a day off altogether. Anas offers his top recommendations to help you in your muscle recovery journey:

Book a Sports Massage

Massage is one of the most effective tools for muscle recovery as it increases flexibility, reduces muscle tension, and decreases DOMS. At fisio, therapists begin by understanding your lifestyle and needs before creating a customized massage session. We use advanced techniques, done by a physiotherapist or massage therapist options.

Learn more about our massage therapy page on our website.

Use Heat Therapy

Infrared saunas use direct heat to penetrate your skin and tissues, reducing stress and fatigue compared to traditional saunas. Additionally, we offer Tecar Therapy, a non-invasive treatment that uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate tissue regeneration and reduce inflammation. Both of these heat therapy options can be helpful for muscle recovery and pain reduction.

Learn more about our infrared sauna page on our website.

Try Leg Compression Therapy

Leg compression therapy offers targeted support over muscles to reduce swelling and tissue damage. It takes approximately 15 minutes to activate blood flow and release lactic acid. Air compression garments are favored by many professional athletes.

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Schedule Regular Recovery Sessions

Overloading during training is the leading cause of sports injuries. Regular recovery sessions with specialists can reduce the risk of injury and ensure that you can maintain your fitness routine. If you want to learn more about how fisio can help you with infrared sauna, compression therapy, and massage therapy, visit our website and schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.

Incorporating these tools into your workout plan can help make exercise more effective, reduce the risk of injury, and speed up muscle recovery. Prioritizing muscle recovery can help you achieve your health and fitness goals safely and effectively.