Dry Needling Treatment in Dubai

Dry needling supports the treatment of sports injuries and muscle pain. It is a safe treatment with minimum discomfort, inserting a very fine short needles that target trigger points and knots in the body. At fisio, our therapists use it also to help improve your range of motion when combined with your physiotherapy session.

Trigger points are caused by contractures in the muscle fibre from stress or injury, resulting in the body’s muscles locking into a shortened position. For example, dry needling works exceptionally well for those suffering from persistent or chronic muscle pain. This is also called “referred pain”, which is caused by specific trigger points. It results in the patient feeling pain and discomfort in other areas of the body. These are often unrelated to the area treated and result from your myofascial trigger point, a hyperirritable spot often within a taut band of skeletal muscle.

Our techniques at fisio are based on the anatomy, and neurophysiological principles, where dry needling encourages your body to fix the injury and reduce the pain by naturally healing itself. Dry needling is beneficial when manual therapy isn’t enough to reach the deeper trigger points found within the soft tissue. Another plus is the improvement of nerve communication and trigger signals which can release natural pain relievers. The result? Enhanced healing and restored function to the affected area and beyond.

The Session

This starts with an assessment, finding the blocked trigger points that need release along with manual therapy techniques. Needles are then applied to stimulate and activate the targeted areas for maximum effectiveness and pain alleviation. We may use dry needling in combination with an electrical current to further stimulate the connective tissue, neural and muscular areas being targeted. The session is finished with stretches and mobility movements to loosen the targeted regions further.

Price: AED 590-750
*Prices vary upon consultation

Dry Needling Benefits

  • Restores Muscle Activation, Motion & Strength
  • Relieves Pain & Tightness
  • Relaxes Pressure Points
  • Calms Soreness & Inflammation
  • Helps with Chronic Neck Pain & Headaches