Postural Correction Treatment in Dubai

Did you know poor posture can cause pain such as muscle spasms, nerve pain, headaches, or even just general fatigue? Over time this can lead to more significant injuries, including having adverse effects on the spine. Posture is all about how we hold ourselves and maintain good form.

This treatment helps re-educate and retrain your body with our therapists offering personalized techniques to help you achieve the correct posture, movement, sitting and standing positions. This will include targeting your body's alignment, biomechanics, muscle balance and postural habits. Like all our therapies, personalized treatment is key. Our therapists will evaluate your daily routine and environment to create a plan that works for you. These modifications over time and with practice will help promote better habits, leading to many other benefits.

The Session

This treatment is all about creating long-term solutions. First, an assessment looks at your muscle strength, joint mobility, and movement to create a personalized treatment plan. This will include exercises and daily activity posture modifications that will target instability or misalignment in all areas of the body.

Price: AED 590-750
*Prices vary upon consultation

Postural Correction Benefits

  • Healthier Body Function
  • Protects Against Injuries
  • Helps Reduce Tension & Aches
  • Better Habits & Long Term Prevention
  • Better Control & Muscle Strength