Prenatal & Postnatal Rehabilitation

At fisio we know that pregnancy is one of the most exciting and important times in your life. Our Pregnancy and Postpartum corrective exercise specialists focus on finding the source of any problems you encounter as your body grows and changes. We provide manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to help you make the most out of this special time before and after your baby is born.

Prenatal & Postnatal Rehabilitation can help mothers recover effectively following pregnancy and delivery. We understand that every pregnancy and delivery is unique, offering up a range of different issues. Pregnancy puts strain on the body, and by taking precautions and preventive action, we can help reduce the risk of complications.

Specialized techniques are used during these sessions. Created around women's health, they consider the way the body changes during pregnancy. From Diastasis Recti, which is caused when the uterus stretches, resulting in the abdominal muscles separating and the ribs to flare to pressure on the sciatic nerve, which can result in numbness or tingling in the legs, our therapists are here to help.

The aim is to help reduce stress and tension in the joints, lower back, neck and hips during pregnancy, alleviating pressure on weight-bearing joints. It can also lead to lower stress levels that can result in better sleep, inflammation reduction, and easier breathing.

Postnatal rehabilitation is also vital to ensure new mothers can get back to enjoying a healthy and happy time with their family. Postpartum Diastasis Recti is especially common as it's often challenging to strengthen your core and protect your back. Treatment can help, which involves manual therapy techniques and corrective exercises.

It's also essential to restore muscular and connective tissue strength that may have been damaged or weakened during pregnancy and childbirth. The muscular tension that results from breastfeeding and carrying the baby is added to this. For those that had a C-Section, therapy can help alleviate symptoms caused by scar tissue that can often lead to immobility and pain. Scar tissue mobilization and therapeutic exercise treatment can help ease these symptoms.

The Session

A musculoskeletal and postural assessment will be done alongside a full consultation of symptoms and lifestyle. Movement and exercises will be incorporated into a safe treatment plan that will include low-impact therapeutic movements, muscle retraining and stretches. The aim is to improve both the physical and psychological well-being of a pregnant or postpartum mother.

Price: AED 350-420
*Prices vary upon consultation

Prenatal & Postnatal Rehabiliation Benefits

  • Restores the Body's Functions
  • Reduces Muscular Tension & Stress
  • Core & Posture Strengthening
  • Can Help Prevent Complications
  • Promotes Physical & Psychological Wellbeing