Corrective Therapy

Corrective therapy targets the musculoskeletal dysfunctions in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, or discs. These could have been caused due to repetitive strenuous motions, a period of immobility or post-injury recovery. These dysfunctions will cause disruptions in the communication between your muscles and nerves which can limit your body from appropriately responding.

The therapy aims to improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion and release tension using personalized exercises and movements. By targeting any poor habits in your daily life, our team at fisio can help you prevent further injuries and pain from reoccurring by realigning the body for optimal function. Most often, movement is the way to activate the muscles' healing process rather than rest.

Our physiotherapists work with you to correct faulty movement patterns and functional issues that limit your peak performance and overall strength. For example, when you suffer an injury, your body will sometimes compensate, take the load off that area, and place it onto another. This can change how you move from walking to standing and even sitting.

At fisio, we know that the key to success is understanding how anatomy, physiology (the science of movement), biomechanics and motor learning work in sync. These will change and adapt along your journey from healing to getting back to the gym or your favorite day-to-day activities.

The Session

The session will begin with a comprehensive mobility and strength balance assessment to identify what areas need to be worked on and, if applicable, what is causing you pain. Then, our physiotherapist will guide you in exercises that include stretching, strengthening, resistance and balance movements. This may be combined with a manual therapy session to loosen trigger points first.

Price: AED 350-420
*Prices vary upon consultation

Corrective Physiotherapy Benefits

  • Improves Strength, Flexibility & Overall Function
  • Enhances Coordination & Movement Control
  • Increases Recovery Post Injury or Surgery
  • Increases Sports Performance
  • Reduced Risk of Injury
  • Relieves Strain on Muscles