Pelvic Floor Therapy

Did you know the pelvic muscles are an essential part of your body? They support the bladder and reproductive tracts. Therefore, keeping them in control and ensuring they function well is vital. When the pelvic muscles aren’t working in sync the way they should, are weak or can’t relax, it can lead to various issues. These include pain, trouble controlling your bowel movements, and intercourse dysfunctions.

Your therapist at fisio will work with you on pelvic floor exercises that target these groups of muscles that support our urinary and reproductive tracts. The aim is to help them relax, get stronger and stay stable. These exercises strengthen and coordinate the pelvic floor and abdominal and hip muscles. These exercises will also help you form a better posture and core stability in the muscles and connective tissues.

For many women, Pelvic Floor Therapy will become important postpartum. After giving birth, it is suggested to wait six weeks before looking at the options for rehabilitating your pelvic floor. If you have sustained an injury or have experienced a deep tear during childbirth, you may need to see a pelvic floor therapist. Our goal at fisio is to help new mothers return to their daily routine and ease any symptoms caused by childbirth.

The Session

An assessment of the muscles is the starting point for identifying the pelvic region areas that need to be targeted. Stretching, resistance and strengthening exercises will be customized depending on whether the concern is weakness or tightness. You will also receive at-home activities to do at your own pace, as repetition is needed for a full recovery.

Price: AED 350-420
*Prices vary upon consultation

Pelvic Floor Therapy Benefits

  • Strengthens the Lower Body Muscles
  • Aids Bladder Dysfunctions
  • Alleviates Pelvic Pain
  • Aids Abdominal Pain
  • Helps with Intercourse Dysfunctions