Sciatica Treatment in Dubai

Sciatica can be caused by any underlying condition or injury that puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that starts in the lower back and runs down the back of each leg. It controls the muscles and the sensation of the leg and foot. Our approach to treatment for sciatica pain is to deal with the source of the nerve pressure, along with relieving inflammation and muscle pain symptoms.

Pain from the Sciatic nerve can feel like slight tingling, aching, or a burning sensation. The pain can typically affect one side, having severe discomfort in one hip or leg while remaining numb in other areas. The sole of the foot or the back of the calf may also experience discomfort.

It may feel weak in the affected limb as walking might occasionally cause your foot to become trapped on the ground.

We pride ourselves for curating the best physiotherapists in Dubai who tailor each treatment plan for Sciatica and nerve pain, using a variety of specialized manual therapy techniques and supporting tools. At fisio, we implement an integrative approach in the treatments we provide to help with Sciatica, strengthening the muscles supporting the back and reducing the cause of the pressure.

The Session

Tools that are helpful in releasing pressure on the sciatic nerve include electrotherapy, dry cupping, manual therapy and manipulation of the fascia. The goal of a sciatica treatment is to release the pressure on the sciatic nerve. The duration of the treatment will depend on the concern and the location targeted on the body.

Price: AED 400 / up to 40 min | AED 500 / up to 60 min | AED 650 / up to 90 min

Sciatica Pain Treatment Benefits

  • Reduces & Eliminates Sciatica Pain
  • Relieves Inflammation
  • Improves Daily Living
  • Receive Educational Home Care
  • Helps Increase Strength & Posture
  • Restores Movement & Mobility