Back Pain Treatment in Dubai

We at Fisio are here to support your recovery journey and provide long-term improvement. Whether you are experiencing an intense pain or persistent aching, rest assured our specialists are among the top physiotherapists in Dubai.

Back pain can be caused by a number of reasons such as repeated pressure on the spine, poor posture, lack of movement or even in some cases from tight or weak glutes. Muscles and ligaments when in imbalance cause our backs to work harder from strain or overload. Our physiotherapists make sure to pinpoint the source of the pain, with thorough assessments before any treatment offering the best back pain treatments in Dubai.

Physiotherapy is always an effective approach for chronic back pain, a common symptom we treat. A physical therapy program at fisio typically consists of passive and active treatments. Active physical therapy supports your passive treatment involving a personalized plan for home exercises, using targeted movements to activate key muscles and joints. We target the source of your back pain using a variety of methods that include manual therapy, dry needling, ultrasound or electrotherapy technology and more, to help speed up your recovery results.

With our team of highly experienced physiotherapists in Dubai, we guarantee you a first-class experience with our range of physical therapy options aimed at long-term relief.

The Session

Your back pain treatment will involve manual manipulation of the soft tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons, including the use of supporting advanced tools. The session is aimed at easing muscle stiffness and tension, while speeding up the recovery of any injuries. The number of sessions needed will depend on each unique case and the source of tension in the body.

Price: AED 400 / up to 40 min | AED 500 / up to 60 min | AED 650 / up to 90 min

Back Pain Physiotherapy Benefits

  • Reduces & Eliminates Back Pain
  • Restores Healthy Function
  • Helps increase Strength & Mobility
  • Prevents the Risk of Surgery or Injuries
  • Improves Daily Living
  • Receive Educational Home Care