ADL Training

ADL stands for activities of daily living. These activities include everyday tasks such as transferring, dressing, self-feeding, bathing, laundry, and meal preparation. We often take these for granted, but they become vital both physically and mentally when facing illness or older age. Our physical therapists will work with each client personally to get to know and understand any issues. They will address these and work alongside teaching skills to help improve client ADL with compassion and understanding.

Strength, flexibility and coordination are all vital for carrying out daily activities. If someone becomes inactive, it can cause muscle tension and weakness, worsening these. Our physiotherapists help build them back through exercise therapy. This can improve gait speed, grip strength, pain reduction, and balance, all critical parts of ADL. This will help prevent any future accidents or injuries, but it will also give the client a new sense of confidence and independence.

In some cases, adaptive equipment is needed to assist ADL. Our physical therapists will help clients learn how to use items like a reacher, long-handled sponge, buttonholer, rocker knife or built-up spoon to help with daily tasks. ADL is for those who are not as independent as they could be with self-care, do not have skills at an age-appropriate level, and need to relearn skills after an illness or surgery. Let our team at fisio help you to live your best possible life.

The Session

At fisio, our ADL Assessment program is designed to help reduce the impact of injury or illness on an individual while helping facilitate an early return to independence and pre-injury functions. We discuss the daily activities they are having trouble with and provide education and adaptive techniques to increase independence.

Price: AED 400 / 45 min  |  AED 500 / 60 min

ADL Training Benefits

  • Improves Daily Physical Ability
  • Improves Muscle Tone, Strength & Endurance
  • Increases Ability to be Independent
  • Reducing the Risk of a Fall or Injury
  • Supports Mental Health & Well Being