Therapeutic Massage Therapy in Dubai

Everyone should include Massage Therapy in their health and wellness routines. Those that have experienced it already know this is good news! At fisio, we offer a tailored experience where your therapist will help guide you on the type and frequency of your visits. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy can support various issues with our treatment selection, ranging from sports recovery to pre-natal care and overall wellbeing. The first aim is to treat any concerns focusing on pain, repair and recovery.

Each session will be different as your therapist will begin by working to relieve any tension and knots. They do this through deep tissue massage techniques. Soothing deep layers of muscle and connective tissue will firstly stimulate a state of deep relaxation. Your therapist will be able to apply extra pressure to the areas that require it, more so than you would be able to do yourself at home.

For athletes or those that are partaking in intense body workouts, Massage Therapy is vital in ensuring sufficient blood flow to the muscles leading to quicker recovery. Deep tissue trigger-massage techniques effectively release tension and tight muscle fibres that form following overuse. Our deep tissue massage therapists at fisio here in Dubai also understand the importance of flexibility. Therefore, each massage has been designed with light stretching techniques to help you improve your range of motion and loosen stiff muscles.

Another benefit of Massage Therapy is its ability to boost energy. Alongside promoting blood flow and the function of both muscle and organ systems, you should feel a sense of lightness and ease post each session. It’s time to discover true wellness and restoration with the help of fisio.

The Session

This targeted deep tissue massage therapy focuses on the connective tissues and deeper layers of muscles to aid healing, helping you relieve stress and soreness. We use deep tissue massage techniques personalized to your personal recovery plan or preferences.

AED 250/30 min | AED 390/60 min | AED 550/90 min

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

  • Muscle Pain Relief & Better Blood Circulation
  • Increases Range of Motion & Flexibility
  • Supports Muscle Recovery Time
  • Promotes Relaxation & Better Sleep
  • Helps Prevent Injuries