Pediatric Mobility Therapy

It’s not just adults who require physical therapy. Children and even babies need a helping hand too. If a child suffers from an injury or has a delay in their development, everyday tasks can become a challenge. It is best to try and address any issues early. With the help of our physiotherapists at fisio, you can do just this. They can also work on developmental conditions alongside any restrictive physical developmental delays.

Our Pediatric Mobility Therapy focuses on improving your child’s strength, gross motor skills, coordination, flexibility, balance, and sensory integration. Pediatric physical therapy includes various workouts and exercises. These focus on specific muscles and movements aimed at strengthening muscles and tendons. Whether the body is static or moving, our therapists work on your child’s ability to move in all positions and their posture. Parents will be required to get involved in the sessions or be present in the room. The treatments are designed to be fun and feel like play for younger children to help keep them motivated.

Our therapists have also been trained to work with children who suffer from Cerebral Palsy or muscle and movement disorders. Working alongside their families and caregivers, we can help them reach their full potential so they can function independently and live an active life at home, in school and within the community.

The Session

A full medical history consult and assessment will ensue. This is to check your child’s strength and development to see if there is a delay for their age and the potential causes. A treatment plan will be formed that will include manual therapy. It will focus on flexibility, strength, posture, gait, sensory processing, balance, coordination, and skill. Our therapist can provide guidance on how you can continue muscle training and exercise at home between therapy visits.

Price: AED 350-420
*Prices vary upon consultation

Pediatric Mobility Therapy Benefits

  • Improves Balance & Strength
  • Increases Flexibility & Endurance
  • Improves Coordination
  • Gains More Independence
  • Supports Mental Health